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Skills videos

With modern video software, a sufficient skills video can be shot and edited by a parent or friend with the cooperation of a coach.



  • Have a short introduction of yourself.

  • Use natural sound. Music may make it cooler to you, but coaches say it’s distracting and unwanted.

  • Show your strengths first. Coaches may not watch to the end.

  • Keep it short as possible. Coaches won’t watch longer videos to the end.


Things to include:

  • Hitting away, with side view and back view.

  • Bunting or slapping if that is part of your offensive game.

  • Fielding, including popups and different manners of grounders if you are an infielders; fly balls in different directions plus do-or-dies with throws for outfielders.

  • Catchers should show throws on steals and pickoffs, plus blocking skills.

  • Pitchers will want to demonstrate their different pitches from side and behind.


Here are some amateur-produced videos. The production values are not high, but they show what coaches need to see – and were done for free.




Utility, includes catching


There are production companies that will produce a more polished video for a fee. (Insist on natural sound without music.) Here are some companies that do that. We offer no recommendation on these services.


Second Star Productions

American Sports Memories

Top Prospect Video Productions

All Sports Digital Media

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